Scott Byberg

President and CEO

Scott Byberg started at Dominion/Langstaff working summers in the field at the age of 13. His pay went towards the tuition for high school at St. Andrews College. Byberg spent 1 year at York University, yet found he spent more time in the office at Dominion/Langstaff then at school. At 21 years old he started his career as an estimator at the firm.

As time passed, he became Chief Estimator, President at 32 and then CEO and sole owner in 2003. His feeling that, “the company comes first”, is due to the history of Dominion Langstaff having four Presidents and the Company still survived and flourished.

So he started succession planning before his first year as president was up. He also believed, that although he was confident in his abilities, there are people out there that do particular things better than him, so he delegated well.

In 2011, Byberg gave up the Day to Day operations to his now partner and firm’s Vice President Jeff Walker. “It’s a lot tougher to stay out of the way, then he thought it would be” he quips.

Over his career, he has been the Associate Chairman for ACMO, Vice Chairman of The Sealant and Waterproofing Association, and Chairman of the Toronto Construction Association. He played in the Canadian Open Pro-Am with Chip Beck, behind Tiger Woods and in front of John Daly (DUCK!). On January 21, 2015, he caught “The Grand Slam”  (Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Sailfish and Dorado).

He now devotes the majority of the time to “big picture items” and the clients that he has dealt with over the 40+ years at Dominion/Langstaff, tries to have breakfast every morning with his lovely wife, who he calls the “best business mind he knows”. Their two beautiful girls are both Lawyers (they take after their Mother”. He enjoys fishing, hunting and golfing.

Byberg has a chance to be “50 years with the same company and not be 65” and cannot think of a better place to do it then Dominion/Langstaff.

Jeff Walker

Vice president

Jeff Walker began in 1998, working summers at Dominion Langstaff as a labourer on restoration sites. At a young age, it was clear that he had a determination to get the job done, well beyond his years.

In 2000, debating on whether he would continue schooling or not accepted a job as an estimator in Dominion Langstaff’s office. Again his determination showed, he learned fast and his willingness to step in and make decisions made his evolution into the office seamless.

Mr. Walker recognized that his personality was a perfect fit at Dominion Langstaff.

By 2003, he was estimating projects and negotiating on his own. Jeff’s good natured and understanding of project issues, made the clients feel that he was completing their project in their best interest.

After successfully estimating, negotiating some of Dominion Langstaff’s largest projects, Jeff Walker was promoted to Vice President in 2011, and took over the reins of Day to Day operations of Dominion Langstaff.

2013 was a busy year; Jeff was instrumental in the successful bidding of the $12,000,000.00 Façade Restoration of the Sheraton Centre. The successful completion of the project won Dominion Langstaff the Toronto Construction Associations’ 2014 Project of the Year Award. He also became part owner of Dominion Langstaff and now ensures the company’s leadership for years to come.

True to his good nature, Jeff spends his “spare time” farming. He is an avid dirt bike enthusiast and is always up for new experiences.

Neil Cain

Project Manager

Neil Cain started as a student at Dominion Langstaff in 1974, working as a helper for crews completing hot rubber roofing. He continued to work summers during his high school years.

Mr. Cain started working full time in 1980, working on many different types of projects and soon found himself to be an important cog in the company. His versatility and his willingness to learn new techniques set him apart from others. He was soon promoted to Journeyman and then Foreman in 1985.

Neil worked on some of Dominion’s highest profile projects and had an eye for spotting problems occurring on exterior facades.

In December of 1999, Neil Cain was promoted to Project Manager, his responsibilities entail, arranging Dominion’s labour each morning, assigning particular Foreman to sites, communications with clients on start dates, ensuring the work was being performed as required and material ordering and selection.

A true Canadian at heart, he regularly plays hockey and follows the NHL religiously. Neil is a great supporter of our Men and Women in uniform and can be found paying respects to fallen soldiers on the bridges over the “Highway of Heroes”.

Jeff Littlemore

Jeff Littlemore has worked in the caulking industry since 1977; and had been with Dominion Caulking in Toronto for over 20 years.

In 2005, Jeff went to Ottawa to be the Foreman for Dominion on Esplanade Laurier, a $1,600,000.00 Carrera marble recaulking project  for Public Works Canada.

His hard work and perseverance brought the project to a successful conclusion and with that Dominion’s expansion into the National Capital Region was born.

In 2006, Jeff was promoted to General Manager of Ottawa and He and Dominion have become part of the fabric of our Nation’s Capital.

Since then, Jeff has overseen projects such as Place de Ville, 160 Elgin and the $750,000.00 Government of Canada building in Iqaluit.

Littlemore’s “get it done and right” attitude has been appreciated by Dominion’s Ottawa clients.

Jeff is married to Jenn and together they have raised six children.